Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Pedi-Cabs of Broadway

Last weekend we went to see a Broadway show on 52nd Street. After the show, waiting for us by the theater's exit doors is a fleet of  Pedi-Cabs (bicycle rickshaws) competing to give the show patrons a tour of the Times Square area.
In the Philippines where I grew up, there are thousands of motorized Pedi-Cabs operating on the streets of Manila. Like in many Asian countries they are a cheap way to get around.


  1. Neat series. I'd never seen anything about the appearance of Pedicabs in NYC before. I was there about five years ago, and it seemed so different from when I lived there in the '60s. I suppose it has actually been changing constantly ever since it was founded.

  2. Astig, may mga pedicab din pala sa New York!