Monday, April 25, 2011

Spotmatic II

A few weeks ago I went to a camera swap meet in New Jersey. I haven't gone to one in a couple of years. Before the internet and Ebay, camera swap meets like this are very regular in New York and a very good source of used photographic gear. I would usually meet up with some of my photographer friends and have a late lunch afterwards to show off what were able to pick up that day. I was able to build my lens collection from these events. Lately though, swap meets are getting fewer and the choices of good gear are getting even less.
This time I was able to pick a Pentax Spotmatic II with a couple screwmount lenses. I heard good things about the Pentax Takumar lenses so I thought I will give them a try.
Above and below are some images from my first test shots taken with a SMC Takumar 55mm f1.8 lens.



  1. Great beginning for that Spotmatic. The lenses are all terrific, and what a bargain these days. I've got the most use from the 55 normal and a 135, but also have enjoyed having a couple wide-angles for special situations.

  2. The Takumar lenses are fantastic. Sharp, strongly built and very smooth to focus. With proper adapters I could also use them on my other K-mount Pentax as well as my Canon DSLRs. I recently ordered a 105 f2.8 lens to complete the set.