Monday, May 30, 2011

Appreciating M42 Screwmount Lenses

I bought the Pentax Spotmatic II cameras for the M42 screwmount lenses. They are known to be very good and sharp lenses but underrated by overly brand conscious shooters. The Pentax Takumar lenses specially, are well built and very smooth to focus. Recently it easy to build a complete lens kit with them since they can be easily acquired at a bargain. With proper lens mount adapters, they will work with many digital SLRs like Canon or Sony. They can also work with other Pentax K-mount cameras. I also use my screwmount lenses on my Pentax MX, a very small and compact SLR. It is almost the same size as my Barnack type rangefinder cameras; Leca IIF, Fed1 or Canon IIB.


  1. That's a fine collection of Pentax equipment. Whenever I put a roll through my Spotmatic it always gets me wondering why I use anything else.

  2. Thanks,Mike. The lenses are addictive. I'm always checking Ebay for more screwmount lens bargain.