Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tiny Portable Flash

I have numerous portable flash units from Nikon, Canon, Vivitar and Sunpak but all of them are too bulky to use with my small rangefinder cameras. Attached to the cameras they are top heavy and the gear tends to tilt forward when the camera is hanging on my neck. The small Metz 20C-2 is just the right size. It has a guide number of 20/meters, two auto settings, tilting flash head for bounce lighting and powered only by two AA batteries. It also has a pc cord for cameras without hot shoes and is tiny enough to fit into a pants pocket. The light output is not as powerful as my other bigger flash units but it is good enough  to produce bounced light for casual portraits like the ones above.


  1. Nice shots. Flash is a skill I never mastered. That was partly from lack of interest, but that compact bounce flash is tempting.

  2. Thanks, Mike. Although I prefer available light when doing candid shots, this little flash is very handy for occasions a little more light would help. It easily can be squeezed into the corner of my small bag.