Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dacora Digna

Recently I rescued a rather ratty looking Dacora Digna medium format, scale focusing camera. Although it looked very well used, it is still very functional and the lens seems to be clean and clear.
It was made by Dacora-Kamerawerk, Reutlingen, Germany in 1954.
This Digna version comes with a collapsible Achromat Digna 80mm lens and one shutter speed (1/50 sec) plus B for timed exposures. It has two aperture settings, f 8 and f 11. Focusing is done by extending the lens from the body and turning the lens into three scale zones, 5-10 feet, 10-25 feet and 25 to infinity.

I loaded the camera with a Fuji Acros 100 120 roll film to test it but I’ve been so busy recently with commercial work that I couldn’t find time to finish the roll.

I will post images taken with it soon.


  1. Looks like a great little camera. Is it 6x4.5 format? I Googled it briefly and was reminded that Gene W had posted some really nice found film images from the Dacora.

  2. Thanks, Mike. No, it's 6X6 format. There is another version with a better Enna Correlar f2.9 lens and prontor shutter. Mine is the simpler version. It was very dirty when I got it. I just did some quick clean up before I loaded a roll of film. We will see how the shots turn out before I fiddle with it some more.

  3. i have the same (its from my grandpaa) but it doesnt work
    it's a fortune

  4. Hayat, be sure the lens is extended otherwise the shutter won't work.