Friday, February 11, 2011

Natural Patterns

Lines and Sky
Olympus XA2, film: Kodak Gold 200

Frozen Snow Tracks
Canon 5D

Although I may have color film in my cameras, I often see potential images I knew right away would work better in black and white. Such was the case with these two image which were originally shot in color, one with a Kodak color film, the other with a digital camera. Both were converted in digital post-processing to black and white because that is how I envisioned them before I pressed the shutter.


  1. Nice to see you are fully functional again.
    I like the counterpoint provided by the sky in the shot of the utility pole. I'm also amused that you and I appear to have captured images with our old cameras by pointing them at about the same time at what is probably the same grid of wires, though at a great distance.

  2. Thanks, Mike. Amusing observation. I'm at awe in your mastery of the classic cameras.