Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Petrified Diner

Another favorite shot I did using small flash units for the Strobist excercise is this image of a bended fork.
I wanted to show some mystery and drama with this simple prop so I twisted and bent the fork to make it look expressive.

The lighting consisted of three small flash units trigger by radio transmitters :
Canon 430EX with a DIY striplight and gobos at 1/4 power setting on the left of the camera. The fork was suspended about a foot from the background. The background was lit with a SB-28 with spot grid at 1/16 power opposite the camera. A SB-24 with spot grid at 1/8 power was supposed to be an accent light opposite the camera but it didn't fire in this shot. I liked the effect better than when it did.

This shot was later included in the Strobist Trade-Secrets Lighting Cards.

Another out-take from the exercise using only one flash unit.

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