Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Remembering 5 Pointz

A few weeks ago I posted here some photos I took of the iconic art space and graffiti palace, 5 pointz in Long Island City, NY. The paintings are now gone, painted white overnight by the building's owner.  The building will be torn down to make way for new condos.


  1. Good pictures and good timing. From my point of view, the ephemeral nature of graffiti is part of its charm. I'm guessing the people there on the ground may have a different take on this situation, though.

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  3. 5 pointz is almost a New York institution as far as graffiti or street art is concerned. The former building owner had allowed the street artists to paint their master pieces on this old warehouse. It was very a popular place, when I was shooting there I wasn't alone, many would come to admire the art and to take pictures. Now the new owner is tearing it all down to build new condominiums. They are having it whitewashed first I guess to discourage collectors from picking up parts of the rubble. Oh well, that's progress for you.