Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Looking For A Parking Space

It is always a challenge to find a parking space in Manhattan.
To attend the Drums Along the Hudson Festival, I had to go around a few block several times to find a parking spot near the event. I was getting frustrated
after almost 40 minutes of driving around, and was about to give up and just go home when I suddenly saw a car pull away from the curb leaving a spot for me.
I was happy not only for finding a parking spot but to discover a small yard sale next to it.
After a brief browsing on the first table, I found a good looking Olympus MJU-1 (stylus) point and shoot camera. Another simple but excellent camera designed by Yoshihisa Maitani.
The seller was willing to let me have it for less than what I would have paid per hour in a commercial parking garage.
It turning to be a good day after all, I thought.

Above are shots from the first roll.


  1. Nice results already from the mju. It is such a convenient little film camera that it is difficult to leave it at home. The one problem I've experienced with mine is that it requires extra care in anchoring the focus where it should be. More than a few times, I have gotten a nicely focused background while my foreground subject is a blur.

  2. I think I have the same problem. Some of the close up shots I recently made are out of focus.
    Surprisingly, the XA2 does better with close-ups.

  3. Right, I haven't used mine in a bit and I forgot about the close focusing. The auto-focusing and close-up capability is a nice feature, but you have to be careful in low light that the camera isn't selecting a speed lower than your hand tremor threshold. These small issues recede in importance, however, once you become accustomed to the camera, and as your fine color examples show it is a sweet shooter.