Monday, March 29, 2010

The Better Half

I think the Fujica Half is the better half-frame camera compared to
the Olympus Pen EES at least in terms of features.
Both have automatic exposures, zone focusing and uses selenium cells
for light metering but the Fujica Half has manual exposure as well.
It has more shutter speed selection from 1/30th to 1/250th sec.
as well as B for time exposure. It has an accessory shoe for attaching
a flash unit and has more distance scale on the lens for more precise zone
One nice feature also is the aperture/shutter speed readout
in the viewfinder.
I like the small pocketable size of the Pen EES better, the Fujica Half is
better built but heftier and slightly bigger than the Olympus 35RC.

Some samples shots:

Empty Deck

Water Fountain

Park View

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